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An electric scooter is provided with a small electric motor to substitute human power. They are a great alternative to cars and great for the environment too. Compared to traditional scooters, electric scooters have a more robust design since they are built for greater speeds than its human powered counterparts.
Electric scooters have the same brake systems as bicycles and are provided with pneumatic wheels to allow for a smooth and comfortable ride.
They are not just for entertainment. e-scooters are widely used for transportation since its batteries last long enough to commute within the city and at greater speed than kick scooters.
Another advantage of electric scooters is that they come with powerful lights and there are also compartments available that can be attached to the scooters to carry your belongings.
Comparing electric scooters with electric bikes, scooters have some big advantages: they are smaller, more affordable, lighter and easier to park or carry.
Nowadays there is a huge range of different electric scooters for all your needs and all ages. There are all-terrain scooters, 3-wheel scooters and even scooters with a seat. The regulations for use of electric scooters vary from city to city so make sure to check your local regulations to find out where you can ride your scooter.